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The AHFE 2017 Conference Proceedings published in cooperation with Springer in Multi-volume Edited Books.

AHFE 2017 Proceedings published in 26 volumes which gathers the proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics and the Affiliated Conferences, held in July 17-21, 2017, at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, California

The set provides researchers and practitioners alike with a comprehensive, timely guide on human factors research and applications, and highlights the latest theories and models, as well as cutting-edge technologies and applications, and by combining findings from a range of disciplines including engineering, design, robotics, healthcare, transportation, simulation, management and computer science, It also offers an excellent source of innovative ideas to stimulate future discussions, collaborations and developments.

AHFE 2017 Participants can use the token/code provided for each book volume in the Springer book flyers (click here) to get 20% special discount on printed copies (Offer Valid: 07/12/2017 - 08/12/2017).

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Vol. 2017 Book Title Editor/Editors ISBN Table of Content / Discount Flyer

Set of 26 Volumes, Series Editors:
Tareq Ahram  and Waldemar Karwowski

ISBN 978-3-319-63292-6
1 Advances in Design for Inclusion Giuseppe Di Bucchianico
Pete Kercher
2 Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors Pedro Arezes 978-3-319-60525-8
3 Advances in Human Factors in Cybersecurity Denise Nicholson 978-3-319-60585-2
4 Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences Terence Andre 978-3-319-60018-5
5 Advances in Ergonomics of Manufacturing: Managing the Enterprise of the Future Stefan Trzcielinski 978-3-319-60473-2
6 Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making Mark Hoffman 978-3-319-60747-4
7 Advances in Human Factors in Simulation and Modeling Daniel N. Cassenti 978-3-319-60591-3
8 Advances in Affective and Pleasurable Design WonJoon Chung
Cliff Shin
9 Advances in Human Factors in Energy: Oil, Gas, Nuclear and Electric Power Industries Paul Fechtelkotter
Michael Legatt
10 Advances in Communication of Design Amic G. Ho 978-3-319-60477-0
11 Advances in Human Factors, Software, and Systems Engineering Tareq Z. Ahram
Waldemar Karwowski
12 Advances in Human Factors, Business Management and Leadership
Jussi .I. Kantola
Tibor Barath
Salman Nazir
13 Advances in Human Factors, Sustainable Urban Planning and Infrastructure Jerzy Charytonowicz 978-3-319-60450-3
14 Advances in The Human Side of Service Engineering Louis Freund Wojciech E. Cellary 978-3-319-60486-2
15 Advances in Human Factors in Robots and Unmanned Systems Jessie Chen 978-3-319-60384-1
16 Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare and Medical Devices Vincent Duffy and
Nancy Lightner
17 Advances in Human Aspects of Transportation Neville Stanton
18 Advances in Physical Ergonomics & Human Factors Ravindra S. Goonetilleke
Waldemar Karwowski
19 Advances in Human Factors and System Interactions Isabel L. Nunes 978-3-319-60366-7
20 Advances in Ergonomics in Design Francisco Rebelo
Marcelo Soares
21 Advances in Neuroergonomics and Cognitive Engineering Carryl Baldwin 978-3-319-60642-2
22 Advances in Social & Occupational Ergonomics Richard H.M.
23 Advances in Human Factors in Sports, Injury Prevention and Outdoor Recreation Tareq Ahram 978-3-319-60822-8
24 Advances in Human Error, Reliability, Resilience, and Performance Ronald L. Boring 978-3-319-60645-3
25 Advances in Human Factors in
Wearable Technologies and Game Design
Tareq Ahram
Christianne Falcão
26 Advances in Usability and User Experience Tareq Ahram
Christianne Falcão
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